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Tummy Tuck or Liposuction - Which Cosmetic Surgery Is Right For Me?
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Welcome to guide to Liposuction in Canada, as well as body contouring procedures for men & women including Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty) and Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia). When considering any of these procedures it can be hard to know where to start so is here to guide you through. Looking for a plastic surgeon? View profiles of plastic surgeons in Ontario, B.C., Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Quebec,
New Brunswick
, Nova Scotia or
other provinces



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Lapband Surgery and Gastric Balloon

How much does Liposuction

An approximate price for liposuction in Canada
is $2500 for
the first area and
$1500 each additional area but the price depends greatly on the province, surgeon, location and facility.

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 Plastic Surgeons in Ontario:

 Toronto & Area
 > Dr. Mitchell Brown
 > Dr. Frank Lista
 > Dr. Jerome Edelstein
 > Dr. Michael Kreidstein
 > Dr. Robert Sleightholm
 > Dr. Ronald Levine
 > Dr. Sean Rice
 > Dr. Wayne Carman

> Dr. Walter Peters
Dr. Derek T. Ford
> Dr. Kyle Wanzel
> Dr. Sammy Sliwin
> Dr. Atul Kesarwani
> Dr. Leila Kasrai
> Dr. Robert Backstein
> Dr. Michael J. Weinberg
> Dr. Kevin O'Grady

> Dr. Alexander Golger
Dr. Sarah Wong

> Dr. Colin Hong
> Dr. Martin Jugenburg
> Dr. Brett Beber
> Dr. Mary-Helen Mahoney
> Dr. Stephen Mulholland
> Dr. Yasser El-Sheikh

 > Dr. Douglas Grace
 > Dr. Leonard Harris


 > Dr. Robert Patterson
 > Dr. Nicolas Hynes

> Dr. John Kao

> Dr. Ron Wallman

> Dr. Robert L. Shenker
> Dr. Mohamed Elmaraghy

> Dr. Howard Silverman
> Dr. W. Bryan Callaghan

> Dr. Tracey Thompson
> Dr. Louis P. Germain

 Plastic Surgeons in British Columbia:  
 Vancouver & Area
 > Dr. David Ward
 > Dr. Mathew Mosher
 > Dr. Eric Pugash
 > Dr. Benjamin Gelfant
 > Dr. Arko Demianczuk
 > Dr. Cameron C. Bowman

> Dr. Leslie Kerluke

> Dr. Kimit Rai
> Dr. H. Ukani
> Dr. Robyn Watts
> Dr. Peter Lennox
> Dr. Brian J. Miller
Dr. David G. Williamson

Vancouver Island

> Dr. Chris Taylor
> Dr. Kenneth A. Smith
> Dr. G. Philip Barnsley
 Plastic Surgeons in Manitoba:  
 > Dr. Anthony Lockwood
 > Dr. Robert Turner
 > Dr. Jennifer Chuback

 Plastic Surgeons in Alberta:  
 > Dr. Gregory Waslen
 > Dr. George Hamilton
 > Dr. Ryan Frank
> Dr. Jeffrey C. Dawes

> Dr. Paul Whidden
> Dr. Jonathan Lee
> Dr. Douglas Humphreys
> Dr. Fred Loiselle
> Dr. Feng Chong
 Plastic Surgeons in Saskatchewan:  
 > Dr. Ghremida
 Plastic Surgeons in Quebec:

 > Dr. Ronald G. Zelt
 > Dr. Bill Papanastasiou

 > Dr. Sandra McGill

> Dr. Patricia Berbari
 Plastic Surgeons in New Brunswick:  
 > Dr. Ali Husain
 Plastic Surgeons in Nova Scotia:  
 > Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel
 > Dr. Louis Boileau


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